Visual Identity
Design management

I worked with Spin on the initial concept and application of a brand re-fresh to co-inside with the new Gallery opening, while leading an in-house design team at the Whitechapel Gallery to continue the brand guardianship across signage, print and web.

The plinth-shaped branding device was developed and acts as a graphic tool that helps separate the brand from the image, ensuring a high level of legibility while maintaining the integrity of the artist’s work. The use of full bleed and closely cropped imagery suggests the personal relationship a visitor can expect with the art. The consistent use of this new identity makes the Gallery’s printed materials easily recognisable.

Working with Holmes Wood I helped create a new wayfinding scheme for the Gallery spaces, across two buildings, the resulting signage uses the plinth branding device as information holder. This flexible use of the plinth branding device gives a coherent appearance to major events whilst keeping the Whitechapel Gallery’s identity manifest throughout.

The recognisable plinth branding device, the refreshed Whitechapel Font and respectful treatment of imagery form the essentials of the renewed visual identity.