How to build a product (UX)
Strategy, concept 

I continually refine and re-order these UX product best practice principles. Every product is different, but if something isn’t quite working as expected it can usually be traced to something critical missing in the below process. Having it written down means we can fix that, or include it for a very fast follow.   

Discovery Phase

–product charter checked
–requirements gathered
–tech feasibility investigated
–data flows mapped
–client journey mapped
–roadmap outlined
–OKRs written
–stakeholders defined
–heuristics workshop held
–peer review analysis
–‘as-is’ journeydefined
–analytics reviewed
–user personas assigned
–write user stories
–MSCW workshop held
–page description diagram ready

Delivery Phase

–design solutioning started
–user flows refined
–wireframes worked on 
–epics consulted 
–designs built
–lo-fi prototypes socialised 
–design iterated on
–lo-fi V2 socialised
–dependencies identified
–hi-fi prototypes socialised
–user tests conducted
–design iterated on (again)
–hi-fi proto socialised (again)
–production files created
–handover to developers
–developer analysis
–t-shirt sizing
–feature order re-prioritised 
–scope / release finalised
–build / test / review loop
–qa/uat on staging

Deploy Phase

–push live
–hyper care sessions held
–live fixes 


–data insights shared
–retrospective held
–learnings recorded 
–next phase planned