Non-fungible Token
[ non-fuhn-juh-buhl toh-kuhn ]
    1    A unique digital identifier recorded on the blockchain. 

Non-fungi-ble Token
[ non-fuhn-jahy-buhl toh-kuhn ]
    1    A unique digital Mushr00m recorded on the blockchain.

Mushr00m is a contemplative study in color, composition and fun-gi puns, charting the growth of 99 super-rare fungi from dawn to dusk. Each Mushr00m is one-of-a-kind and cultivated by hand, ready for you to keep in your digital-art garden, it cannot be replicated, dug up, or eaten by anyone else.  

Mushr001m is the true OG fungus, identifiable by its translucent dotty blue cap and distinctive neon pink stem, visible just before dusk.

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